Introducing Cavallo Nero

Introducing Cavallo Nero – a Melbourne-based three-piece outfit dressed for the occasion. The latest addition to the Pointer Recordings family, Cavallo Nero share their hypnotic debut single and video, ‘Lessons’.

Formed in the summer of 2019 by three members of live-show sweat-stalwarts Total Giovanni, this new project delves deeper into clubland and the after hours – all that the strobe light touches and the smoke machine envelopes.

Cavallo Nero exists in a realm where time dilates and contracts to the slip of the tongue. Unconscious vocalising is the guide, rhythmic intuition is the compass. It’s techno slowed to a hypnotic beat, distorted funk in the after party’s after party dreamland. The path paved is unmarked, unwound and tangential. Follow your hips and heart, get immersed in the hypnotic pulse that rises and falls within the same breath. Listen to the voice, it will guide you toward your favourite party, and away from all your inhibitions.

Of the sonic expedition that is ‘Lessons’, Cavallo Nero describes the track as “A midnight drive. A winding path through the mind guided by the moonlit mood. A reflective cruise with the top down, and your headlights in the rearview. Distinct as the lemon in the lemonade, I squeeze your hand as I share the lessons that will pave our path into this brand new day.”

On joining Pointer Recordings, the band shares: “Cavallo Nero are rewiring back into the mainframe. Pointer Recordings is both the matrix and the rabbit hole. An exhilarating Odyssey awaits, a chance to dance away the isolating darkness together, any pointers welcome.”

Stream / Download ‘Lessons.’

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