Introducing – GILA

Today GILA announces the release of his debut EP Genkidama, coming on 12” vinyl on 5 August 2016 and digitally on 12 August 2016 via XL Recordings.

Denver based GILA’s background as a jazz drummer as well as his involvement as one-half of hip hop duo Gorgeous Children has helped him approach electronic music from a different angle. “I’m stylistically indebted to hip hop and I think it’s at the core of all my songs, but I’m equally interested in pulling inspiration from industrial sounds and nature” he explains. “When I set out to make a song, I let the textures and rhythms dictate what it should become, rather than pursuing a specific genre or style.” Taking inspiration from such a diverse range of places then has helped shape GILA’s music in to something denser, darker and otherworldly.

Having already received long term support from tastemakers such as Benji B, Jacques Greene, Rustie, Koreless and Hudson Mohawke, you’d be forgiven for thinking the 26 year old GILA had released reams of music so far, but the Genkidama EP is GILA just starting to hit his stride.

Watch new video for ‘Tuff Whisper’ below. Directed by Jason Voltaire, it is a veritable petri-dish of worming images and textures that physically embody GILA’s snaking, rhythmic beats.

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