Introducing – HXXS

California’s HXXS are happy to announce their signing to Captured Tracks. The band will be releasing their debut EP MKDRONE on Friday 7 December on cassette, vinyl and digitally.

When prescription medication became the only reprieve for an inoperable tooth infection that had one member sliding between unbearable pain and prescription-induced euphoria, the first single ‘Seppuku’, the historical Japanese term for suicide by disembowelment, came to fruition.

HXXS are the duo of Jeannie Colleene and Gavin Neves. They got their start in a cramped San Jose warehouse, sharing a wall with a porn studio. Despite their vocal takes periodically interrupted by even louder and harsher vocal takes echoing in the halls, MKDRONE soon came together. Pre-order the EP here.

HXXS live somewhere between the uncomfortable and the alluring. Their live show, which consists of any hardware they can get their hands on is built on loops, making the songs feverish and at times deliberately frenzied to a point of anxiety. However the duo anaesthetise this angst with more subdued nods to electronic and post-punk acts of the 80’s, 90’s, 00’s and present.

Listen / purchase ‘Seppuku’:

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