Introducing Jennifer Vanilla

NYC’s superstar, Jennifer Vanilla (they/them), announces their signing to Sinderlyn, home of HOMESHAKE, Cults, and more. Along with the announcement, Jennifer Vanilla, aka Becca Kauffman, shares a new single and video ‘Body Music’, collaboratively crafted with co-writer/co-producer Brian Abelson, ​who also worked with Jennifer Vanilla on their 2019 debut EP, J.E.N.N.I.F.E.R. (Beats in Space), and whose credits include releases on Lobster Theremin, HAUS of ALTR, and more.

‘Body Music’ is a “jennifreaky” journey into ‘90s dance music and art pop. Like much of the Jennifer Vanilla oeuvre, it’s organized around a sense of travel and motion: Jennifer asks the listener over a propulsive beat, What does your body music sound like? It’s a question that prompts participation and engagement, the through-line of all of Jennifer Vanilla’s work. ‘Body Music’ is an irresistible glimpse at more to come from Jennifer Vanilla in the very near future. Watch the ‘Body Music’ video directed by Dan Brennan / Powered By Wind here.

Stream / download ‘Body Music’ here.

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