Introducing Men Seni Suyemin

Men Seni Suyemin (Kazakh for “I love you”) is the solo electronic project of St. Petersburg-based musician & producer Minona Volandova, whose arrangements toe the line between experimental electronic and atmospheric post-rock, centered around elegant guitar melodies that reflect her classically-trained background. June 24th, 2022 will see the release of the EP HOPE, a genre-defiant, multilingual collection of irresistible tracks.

With the announcement of HOPE comes the release of lead single ‘NOZH’ (which translates to “knife”). ‘NOZH’ begins delicately, with Volandova singing in a whisper over a melancholy guitar, and builds into an urgent, glitched-out dance track driven by a chugging beat and pitched-up vocals. The single is accompanied by a striking, menacing video directed by Sergei Khvostovtsev that perfectly captures the song’s building tension. Watch below!

After several tumultuous experiences playing in bands during her days at music school, Volandova set off on her own, relocating from her native Kazakhstan to St. Petersburg in the hopes of forming a “one-man band.” It was a risky endeavor in a city where she knew virtually no one, but Volandova is nothing if not perseverant. Soon enough she’d made a name for herself in her new home, releasing solo music with Russian imprint Ionoff Music and performing at notable festivals like Leningrad Bridges, Solar Systo, Kastry, Moscow Music Week, and more.

Pre-order / Pre-save HOPE here.

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