Introducing Muzz, new music from Becky and the Birds, Spencer., and Braids

Meet Muzz, a new indie supergroup comprising Paul Banks of Interpol, Josh Kaufman of Bonny Light Horseman, and Matt Barrick of The Walkmen. First single ‘Broken Tambourine’ begins with sparse, floating piano by Kaufman, before surging with Banks’ rumbling vocals, Barrick’s low percussion, and a lilting clarinet, while an open door during recording brings in the surrounding nature sounds of the studio in Woodstock and augments the song’s spacious atmosphere.


Becky and the Birds shares ‘Wondering‘ a woozy second single from the newly signed 4AD artist. It’s a poetic lament charting a deeply sorrowful period for the Swedish songwriter and producer, following the death of a beloved relative.


Spencer. shares his latest single ‘Hold It Down‘ – swaying, measured beats coming together with a low-key guitar. Perfect mood-setter.


Check out the video for latest single from Braids – ‘Snow Angel.’ It features singer Raphaelle Standel-Preston’s most visceral performance to date, leaning into her anger and anxieties about her internal and external worlds. New album Shadow Offering is out 19 June.

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