Introducing – Saine & Smith

Stockholm duo Jaja Saine and Leo Smith, known as Saine & Smith, are excited to release their debut 12″ – Laughing Kids. Listen to ‘Lord Vanlig’ b/w ‘Sir Viktig’ below.

In 2015 2MR founder Mike Simonetti played a gig with Jaja and was drawn to his DJ style (not being afraid to mix genres and take chances). A friendship was born and he soon asked Jaja for tracks. Enlisting Leo, Saine & Smith was born and together they create deep otherworldly house.

While now in Sweden, both Jaja and Leo are diaspora kids – Jaja’s background is in West Africa and Leo’s is in Barbados. The 12″ is a reflection of their respective heritages, with twisted elements of Scandinavian dance music that echoes in their sound.

‘Lord Vanlig’ is inspired by Afro-Caribbean traditional folk music from the 60s while ‘Sir Viktig’ is a deep house banger with haunting ghost-like pads, catchy Afrobeat samples and vocal snippets.

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