Jamie xx releases video for Idontknow

I don’t know
Boiling up inside ya, Like a kettle
Like a frying pan spitting hot oil out.
Roaming, soaking, empty streets
Blue tv light beaming out
A dirty beat
Our stamping feet
Don’t know whear to put it
Some times
Some times you just need a hug

– Oona Doherty, May 2020

The video for ‘Idontknow‘ stars acclaimed Belfast dancer and choreographer Oona Doherty, who co-directed the film with Luca Truffarelli. The pair filmed the video in Belfast in March 2020, the night before Northern Ireland went into lockdown. Jamie and Oona had originally connected during the making of ‘Idontknow’, with Oona and her friends responding to the track with a series of clips of them dancing to the track (which in turn inspired a host of dance-based responses from fans).

Read an exclusive interview with Oona Doherty and Luca Truffarelli on DAZED here.

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