Jazz Ingram shares new single 2AM

Rochester-born, Atlanta-raised recording artist Jazz Ingram has dropped his new single ‘2AM’.

Musing on his potential retirement from the party scene, 21-year-old Ingram considers the next best alternative to being out at 2am: being home at 2am. “People party like it’s their profession, you know,” he remarks. “When I wrote this song I was really at the beginning of my ‘I could not go out’ phase. This song is kind of a record of my intentions changing from being out all the time to where I’m at now.”

‘2AM’ is produced by NYC-based hip hop producer and Princess Nokia collaborator Owwwls and is the latest addition to Ingram’s now dependable output of punchy rap gems – or “diary entries”, as he calls them. His growing catalogue of tracks covers everything from his undying love of hip hop (‘Blue Gatorade’) to cathartic midnight freestyles (‘U Turn’), all released through his label partner, the buzzing NYC-based imprint b4.

Stream it now.


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