JAZZPARTY shares new single ‘Nobody Gets Away’

Late nights, sweaty bodies, blue smoke and beer-fuelled dance freak-outs over a gravely wailing saxophone – think New Orleans processionals meets Twin Peaks. This is JAZZPARTY.

The Melbourne cult party outfit returns with ‘Nobody Gets Away’ – the title track of their forthcoming album, due Friday 23 July via Remote Control Records. Weaving existential angst and claustrophobia through urgent percussion and groovy riffs, ‘Nobody Gets Away’ handles the fight against a hopeless situation with a sense of reckless glee.

Of the single, the band notes: “Often, the darkest themes and stories do come with humour, that’s often the way people deal with bad situations. Darcy wrote this originally with just vocals and a bunch of junk percussion on loop. No chords or instruments. Like a car speeding down a dark road; it could be escape music.

Steven Schram insisted Darcy sing down the octave which he was uncomfortable with but it’s nice to jump up for the last verse. He was able to hit some of the lower notes because his voice and throat were sore from singing “Drinking” the night before. He woke up with a husky voice that morning that was a lot deeper than usual.”

JAZZPARTY is more than a band, more than a party, more than a bunch of old mates, more than a supremely talented gang of musicians and creatives. They are an energy bomb, a collective release of energy and wild debauchery. They share with their audiences a passion for music and scenes from times gone by collided with the very real frustrations, elations and experiences of modern life in the barrooms and back streets of Melbourne.

JAZZPARTY is Loretta Miller (vocals), Gideon Preiss (keys and vocal), Lachlan Mitchell (guitar and vocal), Dom Hede (drums), Jules Pascoe (double bass), Darcy McNulty (vocal and saxophone), Grant Arthur (trombone) and Eamon McNellis (trumpet).

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