Jenny Hval releases new album Classic Objects & shares video for ‘Freedom’

Norwegian musician and novelist Jenny Hval has unveiled her new album Classic Objectsvia 4AD / Remote Control. Classic Objects is Hval’s version of a pop album. While there are interchangeable moments of complexity in each song, there’s a feeling of elevation and clarity in the songs’ choruses.

This is evident with new single ‘Freedom’, which unfurls with a resonating melody as Hval’s honeyed voice presciently sings: “Out there is the world // where you’re threatening the lives // of fragile individuals when you stir in the mud. // Look to the birds, // to the crowds that have dispersed // in the wounded air that we call freedom.” The song’s accompanying video is another collaboration from the trio of Hval, Annie Bielski and Jenny Berger Mhyre following their work together on the ambitious ‘Year of Love’ video.

Of ‘Freedom’, Hval shares: “I don’t know what freedom is. This song doesn’t either. The lyrics are bombastic and silly, as if written by a political folk song generator. Nonetheless the song was needed on my record – I needed something short and sweet after a series of long, layered reflections.”

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