Jim Lawrie announces new album ‘Slacker of the Year’ + shares title-track

Melbourne’s Jim Lawrie, returns with the shimmering title-track from his new album Slacker of the Year, a gorgeously finger-picked daydream ballad which entertains the idea that a bedroom-bound slacker could somehow be celebrated as hero to the masses. Jim has also shared his video for the song, directed & produced by James Ruse. Watch it below!

The video features a forlorn Lawrie travelling around Melbourne during peak-hour in nothing but a pair of pyjamas. In Jim’s words, the clip shows him “waking to a world already moving without him, and like a salmon going upstream, he moves through his day waiting to be eaten by the metaphorical bear that is the world around him.”

Jim Lawrie’s upcoming album is a culmination of years of creative introspection. His own stunning take on the building blocks of classic rock and folk. Slacker of the Year will be released on June 9.

Stream/purchase ‘Slacker of the Year’: https://jimlawrie.lnk.to/slackeroftheyear

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