John FM releases EP American Spirit on XL Recordings

Detroit-based singer and producer John FM has released his EP American Spirit with XL Recordings / Remote Control Records. Initially self-released late last year on Bandcamp, American Spirit is an extraordinary project filled with the unique, dismantled Hi-Tech Soul music that John FM has tacitly become known for. With vinyl to follow on June 25th, the news of the re-release is accompanied by a music video for the EP’s lead track ‘February’ filmed by John FM’s frequent collaborator Omar S, over the course of a sporadic day trip to the Capital of Funk in Dayton, Ohio. 

‘February’ opens the EP with a soundbite of a storm and a song from a local elder instructing that “We burn the wicked with the real hot, hot fire.” With additional arrangements and mixing by Detroit DJ and producer Black Noi$e, the introductory clip gives way to a smothered soul ballad that according to John FM tells the story of a love triangle and a break-up.

“At the close of 2020’s long, hot summer of racial reckoning in America, the DJ and producer surfaced with his sober collection of songs entitled American Spirit that trace the last five years of his personal and musical journey,” writes DeForrest Brown, Jr. Originally released as a 5-song project digitally, the vinyl release out June 25th will feature a hypnotic reimagining of the EP’s lead single ‘Forever’ by New York producer AceMo.

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