Josienne Clarke Announces New Album + Single

Rough Trade and Remote Control are very excited to announce the exquisite debut solo album by award winning writer, singer and musician Josienne Clarke. Watch the video for ‘If I Didn’t Mind’ from the forthcoming album below.

In All Weather is a new collection of songs, in which she goes it alone;  musically, as this is her first solo record, and in her own life, laid bare and played out in the leave-it-all-behind-and-start-anew nature of the lyrics.

“Learning to sail in all weather, the line from which the album title comes, is what we are all trying to do,” Josienne explains. “To right ourselves when things feel turbulent and uncertain. How to correct your course and stay true to the things you believe and need and let all the rest go.”

Josienne Clarke – In All Weather is out 8th November via Rough Trade / Remote Control.

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