Joy Orbison releases debut mixtape still slipping vol. 1

Joy Orbison – the artist name of Peter O’Grady – releases his first-ever long form project. The fourteen-track mixtape titled still slipping vol. 1 is the latest creative milestone from an artist who has been shaping and redefining the electronic music landscape since his teens. Over a decade into a career that has seen him constantly defying categorisation, Joy Orbison is more in-demand and relevant than ever.

Highly anticipated would be an understatement – so influential are his releases to date, it’s difficult to believe he’s never released a full-length project. The name of the mixtape may already be familiar – an evolution from 2019’s acclaimed Slipping EP and also the name of a Joy Orbison curated radio station (“Still Slipping: Los Santos”) within Grand Theft Auto’s immersive world – but in terms of scope and ambition, still slipping vol.1 is without doubt O’Grady’s boldest and most expansive project yet.

Stream still slipping vol. 1 now. 

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