Juan Wauters announces Más Canciones de la Onda EP

Juan  Wauters announces his digital EP, Más Canciones de la Onda, out June 3. With the announcement he shares the first single ‘Muy Muy Chico.’ Wauters says, “the only time I left the cities where I was during the trip when I recorded La Onda de Juan Pablo was in Chile. I travelled to the south of Chile to visit a friend’s friend. There in Pucón, in the Andes mountain range, I wrote and recorded ‘Muy Muy Chico.’ This was the only song I did on the trip just by myself. It does not include anyone else playing anything. It’s just me and the guitar. The song was meant that way. It talks about how sometimes a person would obsess over someone else’s height and sees themselves smaller not realizing that everyone’s height is different. It’s really a criticism about the way the system we live under is designed to pile us against each other and not reward us independently for our own virtues.”

Stream ‘Muy Muy Chico

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