Katz shares track + video ‘Back From Nothing’

Katz is back! His first new music since last year’s collaborative debut EP Waterfall – ‘Back From Nothing‘ is out now everywhere via Dot Dash Recordings.

Written and produced in Katz’ Collingwood home studio with Melbourne based songwriter Janeva Burrill, the track features powerful, soaring vocals that are both rich and intimate. “It’s a song about being grateful for someone’s friendship and guidance, particularly through difficult times,” says Katz.

It comes with a visual accompaniment, which premiered at Cool Accidents, painting an eerie picture of a dinner party gone awry; for what reason no one can say. Directed by long time collaborators with Katz Hamish Mitchell and Nick Keays, the video begins as a still life that spirals into surreal renderings of debris and destruction. Follow the spider.

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