Kedr Livanskiy shares single & video ‘Boy’

On Kedr Livanskiy’s new single, ‘Boy‘, she pushes her crystalline voice to the forefront resulting in one of Liminal Soul’s most personal and palpable songs. For the first time ever, the Russian producer/musician wrote the lyrics and sings in English, mournfully reflecting on the end of a relationship and growing older.

‘Boy’ comes with a stunning video directed by Kristina Podobed who explains, “After hearing the song, we realised that this is a classic relationship story that is often found in literature and cinema. We decided to illustrate the romantic as much as possible and not modernise this delicious plot. A black-and-white picture with contrast and montage of imaginary images, images are inherent in cinematography, to which we will approach aesthetically while working on a music video.”

Livanskiy’s upcoming album Liminal Soul plays like an opera. It’s expansive, timeless and finds her pushing the boundaries of electronic songwriting. This conviction is evident in the album’s instrumental arrangements as well – Livanskiy expertly fuses acoustic elements with electronic ones, deconstructing pop songwriting with Bjork-like prowess.

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