Låpsley shares ‘My Love Was Like The Rain’

Sure you’ll join us in welcoming back Låpsley with some brand new music.

These Elements is Holly ‘Låpsley’ Fletcher’s brand-new EP, set for release on Friday 22 November 2019 via XL Recordings.

It’s her first new music since Long Way Home, her acclaimed 2016 debut album, a record that distilled the yearning and heartache of teenage love and cemented Låpsley’s position as one of the most exciting new artists in the UK. The album was hugely influential (not least on Billie Eillish, who name-checked it as a major influence on her sound) and would spawn one of the biggest club tracks in recent years (DJ Koze’s remix of ‘Operator’).

Four years; four elements; four songs. In Låpsley’s own words: “Emotional love, physical desire, depression and self-worth. Everything I’ve gone through in the last four years is in these four songs.” A powerful statement on womanhood, These Elements begins to establish Låpsley as a voice of her generation. It is a glimpse of the brave new direction her life and work are taking.

Stream here.

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