Leif Vollebekk releases the New Waves EP – live recordings from ’19-’21

Leif Vollebekk shares a brand-new EP of live recordings titled New Waves, via Secret City Records / Remote Control Records – in this enduring worldwide pandemic, Leif’s EP is a beaming ode to the unique connection live music brings, an amalgam of feelings that can only be shared with an audience. 

“Last year I had a chance to revisit these songs and I realised they had something my records didn’t have,” says Leif. “They resonate with that incalculable energy of a live audience. It didn’t matter whether they were listening to FM radio on the freeway, watching a CBS broadcast of The Late Late Show at home or standing right there in front me at the Troubadour in LA. The audience completes the music. They inform it and they shape it. They’re on the other end of the frequency and they make new waves of their own. That symbiosis is something during these past two years I’ve missed more than anything. And I feel it on this record.”

Purchase / Download Leif Vollebekk – New Waves (Live Recordings ’19-’21)

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