Lina Tullgren shares ‘Bad At Parties’

Lina Tullgren has released a new single off their forthcoming album, ‘Bad At Parties‘ a second taste of Free Cell, out 23 August.

It’s an elegant and introspective ballad featuring gorgeously arrange strings – communicating a moment of quiet social paralysis.

The new video premiered via Tiny Mix Tapes earlier and was directed by Lina’s close friend and musical collaborator Ty Ueda, who explains: “[it’s] an adaptation of an old studio practice of mine that involved making visual haikus: short films comprised of three simple actions or movements. In this case they were escape, movement, and burial of a symbolic object. Nearly every object, action, and place in the video carries a pretty direct and sometimes heavy memory for either Lina, myself, or a part of our partnership.”

Preorder Free Cell here.

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