Watch: Algiers ‘Bite Back (feat. billy woods & Backxwash)’

Algiers return with new track ‘Bite Back’, featuring Backxwash and billy woods. Born in the band’s hometown of Atlanta, the six-minute opus sees Algiers front person Franklin James Fisher trading verses with contemporary hip hop innovators Backxwash, aka Montreal Zambian-Canadian rapper & producer Ashanti Mutinta, and NYC rapper and Backwood Studioz label founder billy woods, on Black resistance, PsyOps and police oppression.

Multi-instrumentalist/producer Ryan Mahan said: “Shit’s been so real the past few years, we really needed to grow our community of collaborators and make solid the bonds we’ve always felt, particularly with rap heads. And to have the two best rappers around, billy woods AND Backxwash, on the same Algiers-produced track? Pinch me, for real.” Singer Franklin James Fisher said: “Ryan showed up one day with this beautifully epic instrumental and said, “I’ve got this song and I want to call it ‘Bite Back’. It immediately reminded me why I joined this band and the rest of the song seemed to write itself. It’s a classic example of our Lenin-McCartney dynamic.” Backxwash said: “This feels like the soundtrack to revolutionary struggle. I am honoured to participate side by side with an incredible array of artistry.” billy woods said: “Working with Algiers was a dope experience on many levels, and I was even more excited when they said they were shooting a video. Plus knowing Backxwash was involved, I had to do it. “

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