Listen: Jeremy Dutcher – Skicinuwihkuk

Jeremy Dutcher is a Two-Spirit song carrier, composer, activist, and ethnomusicologist from Tobique First Nation in Eastern Canada. Dutcher’s 2018 debut — Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa — vaulted him into the upper echelons of Canadian performance, from the Polaris and Juno Award stages to the judges’ panel on Canada’s Drag Race.

Dutcher — a classically trained opera tenor and pianist that has been singing the songs of his ancestors since he was a child — returns with his first new solo work since 2018, ‘Skicinuwihkuk’ (Ski-gin-oo-wee-gook). ‘Skicinuwihkuk’ translates to “Indian Land” and the song is about land sovereignty, one of many crucial topics that Dutcher intends to spark a wider conversation on through his art. The song’s melody was inspired by a wax cylinder recording that he heard while researching his debut album. The lyrics were inspired by field notes that Dutcher came across, made by the Anthropologist that had originally collected the songs.

Purchase / Stream ‘Skicinuwihkuk’ here.

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