Listen – Jess Cornelius ‘Jealousy’

Jess Cornelius, frontwoman of Melbourne band Teeth & Tongue, released her searing first solo single ‘Jealousy’. Watch a live recording of ‘Jealousy’ in her room below!

Cornelius says of the track, “Jealousy is one of those hideous emotions that stops us from being able to be happy, for others and ourselves. It’s insidious and destructive, and it’s also totally human.”

Jess Cornelius is the New Zealand-born songwriter, singer and instrumentalist behind Teeth & Tongue. Over the course of four albums, Teeth & Tongue gradually morphed from a solo project into a more collaborative ‘band-like’ affair, culminating in the 2016 album Give Up On Your Health.

Now Jess Cornelius is focusing on a new solo project under her own name, with material that is more stripped back, personal and lyrically direct. Her solo performances showcase her voice and songwriting to full effect as she performs new music from her upcoming release, due for release later this year.

Stream / Purchase ‘Jealousy’:

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