Listen – Katz ‘Waterfall’

Melbourne’s Katz shares the title track from his debut EP Waterfall, out Friday 6 April. ‘Waterfall’ focuses on a relationship disconnect, listen below!

“Waterfall is about holding onto a relationship hoping that it’d get better in time, but instead it has gotten the better of you. All the motion, until it feels there’s no more life left in the relationship.” As Katz describes “The piano was recorded on a phone to give the instrumental a kind of degraded sound. We also degraded the organ in the bridge, inspired by Kanye’s ‘Famous’. I’m always drawn to lo-fi production contrasted against a crisp vocal.”

Recorded largely in his Collingwood home studio and co-produced with Simon Lam, Katz’s debut EP announces his expansion from jazz artist to deft purveyor of hazy, heavy-lidded electronica.

“On some level jazz will always influence the music I make,” says Katz. “It’s something I try to keep at bay when writing pop music, but I’ll regularly draw on jazz sensibilities and instrument choices. Equally inspirational is the music my friends are making.” Those friends happen to include Japanese Wallpaper, Charlie Lim, Woodes, Buoy, Fractures and Lanks, who all either feature or collaborated on Katz’s debut EP.

Stream / purchase ‘Waterfall’:

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