Listen: Milwaukee Banks ‘Lights Down feat. Sophiegrophy’

Collaboration has always been at the core of Milwaukee Banks. Their latest single ‘Lights Down’ sees the duo explore new sonic territory, as well as team up with Melbourne based vocalist Sophiegrophy. Watch the video below!

‘Lights Down’ is unlike anything you’ve heard from Milwaukee Banks before. A breezy and bouncy jam that is an ode to late night summer house parties. After meeting Sophie in early 2017, the pair wrote ‘Lights Down’ with only her soulful vocal in mind.

Sophiegrophy is a Nigerian born rapper and singer who moved to Melbourne via New Zealand, and has been causing a major stir in the Australian hip-hop underground ever since. Her vocal shines on ‘Lights Down,’ and perfectly compliments the addictive melody and bumping beat of the song. It’s the brightest and most playful moment in Milwaukee Banks’ forthcoming sophomore album, No Time, which is set for release in early 2018.

Stream / purchase ‘Lights Down’:

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