Listen – Tim Cohen ‘Meat Is Murder’

Tim Cohen has shared the second single from his upcoming album Luck Man which is out Friday 20th January, 2017. ‘Meat is Murder’ premiered on FLOOD who describe the single as “lurch[ing] along a sleazy groove, Cohen sounding like Daughn Gibson doing his best Nick Cave.” Listen to the track below.

Influenced by Van Morrison’s Veedon Fleece as well as his one-time day job as a delivery driver – heard in ‘Meat Is Murder’ – and other daily travails, Cohen’s Luck Man eschews focusing on overarching topics like love, hope or despair and instead, creates his own stories with fleeting, yet quietly complex characters and thoughts.

For over a decade now Cohen has released music under various monikers including The Fresh & Only’s/ Magic Trick. Cohen wants to make you aware of life’s imperfections; he likes to play devil’s advocate…or maybe he’s more like the devil’s buddy, offering up his own dark but playful asides. On Luck Man, Cohen has created a lush, insular world that deals with the uneasiness of accepting life’s inherent flaws.

Recorded in his attic and at El Studio in San Francisco after recently moving back to a city he longed called home, Luck Man is a personal statement distilled from Cohen’s own experiences. “I draw upon little moments and memories to make music,” he says, “I like to think I’m leaving bits of wisdom behind, but I don’t possess the wisdom for longer than it takes to make a song. I inherit it momentarily, write it down, attach a melody that fits the words in rhythm, and then record it.” Attempting to answer the unanswerable, Cohen aims to fill this existential void with his songwriting.

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