Liz Stringer shares choral version of ‘The Waning of the Sun’

Liz Stringer returns with a new version ‘The Waning of the Sun’ from her recent album First Time Really Feeling which debuted at #1 on the AIR and #14 on the ARIA charts. This version was arranged by Elsie Maggie Rigby of The Maes and features Melbourne choir One More Chorus. Recorded live on the first take in Brunswick Uniting Church Hall, the sixty additional voices bring a new depth to this album standout track.

Of the track Stringer says, “The Waning of the Sun is a song about connection. During my first couple of years of sobriety, I found part of the process of the reconnection with myself and the people around me in the exploration of my own family and its history and stories. This relationship began to help me understand with more clarity my place in the much greater story of being a settler in this country, the places where my ancestors are from and the parts of myself which have flowed through many generations. The good and the bad. My family, particularly on my Dad’s side, have always used singing as a way to connect, through heartbreak and difficulty and in times of joy and celebration. I have childhood memories of rooms full of booming adult voices, sometimes sending loved ones off, sometimes celebrating raucous football victories. Being able to sing Waning of the Sun with One More Chorus was an incredibly moving experience and I’m so grateful to everyone who made it happen.”

Co-arranger The Maes’ Elsie Rigby was delighted with the outcome, “This project is a dream come true for One More Chorus, a choir laden with Liz Stringer fans. Liz took time to explain the intention and meaning of the song, giving the choir a chance to connect deeply with the lyrics. The shoot was a magical and spooky night in Brunswick Uniting Church Hall, the regular One More Chorus rehearsal space transformed into a mysterious stage – the vaulted ceiling ringing with the sound of sixty voices.” 

The track is accompanied by a video of the recording at Brunswick Uniting Church Hall. Videographer Nick Mckk says, “Working with Liz on this was really bloody special. In that space, with those sounds, the main goal was to not stuff up the visuals. In every take, there was something subtle and beautiful brought by Liz.”

Liz Stringer is back on the road in July and August to play her rescheduled album launch shows as well as a run solo gigs in regional Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania. Tickets to the solo run are on sale now.

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