Locate S,1 announces Personalia

After finishing a 2019 tour with Frankie Cosmos and signing to Captured Tracks, Christina Schneider, the brainchild behind Locate S,1, shares the first single/title track “Personalia” from her forthcoming sophomore album Personalia, out 3 April.

Schneider seeks to address how the attention economy is plaguing us with feelings of FOMO and anxiety, and is causing many of us to abandon more progressive values.

Working under various aliases since 2014—including CE Schneider Topical, Jepeto Solutions, Christina Schneider’s Genius Grant and now Locate S,1— Schneider’s explored everything from groovy garage rock to minimalist bedroom pop to Syd Barrett-style psychedelia. Healing Contest, Schneider’s first release under new moniker Locate S,1, was a polished globe of ecstatic mid-fi music that incorporates jazz, synth-pop, and everything in between. With a new pseudonym and growing into Locate S,1’s sound, Personalia is Schneider’s most compelling work to date. 

Stream the title track here.


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