LSDXOXO shares ‘The Devil’

Philly-born, NYC-bred and Berlin-based DJ, producer and performer LSDXOXO returns to share ‘The Devil,’ the first track off his forthcoming EP DEDICATED 2 DISRESPECT out May 14 on XL Recordings. The second offering from LSDXOXO is a world of darkness and opulence. “I make a deal with the devil/sell my soul and my body/but I look fucking good/whipping in my Maserati,” sings LSDXOXO, over a crunchy and addictive pop-infused techno production. ‘The Devil’ is LSDXOXO to the core; a mixture of light and dark and a hard party anthem inspired by Black nostalgia.

Earlier this month LSDXOXO released his much anticipated new single ‘Sick Bitch,’ to dazzling reviews. With FADER declaring it “a techno-pop banger,” and Pitchfork, in a review of the track, stating, “’Sick Bitch’ belongs on every sweat-soaked dance floor come summer,” LSDXOXO enters his own visual piece into Black History with a stunning music video that perfectly emulates his vision: the fine line between feeling sexy and feeling messy; a quintessential rave modality. But, as them. also put it, “‘Sick Bitch’ is a statement of self-ownership through the embrace of queer sexuality and kink.” ‘The Devil’ and ‘Sick Bitch’ are singular displays of LSD’s deliciously eclectic brand of pop techno. They beautifully capture a unique sense of humour coupled with a sex-positive narrative that surrounds all of LSDXOXO’s work.

DEDICATED 2 DISRESPECT is LSD’s first EP with both original compositions and vocals; the follow-up to his 2020 mixtape Waiting 2 Exhale. The four-song project is packed full of rich lyrics, sensations and productions, delivering an illustrious portrait and narrative of the intersections between rave, techno, house, gender, camp, sexuality and race. It’s a project that oscillates between the politics and the party so effortlessly bold and unapologetic.


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