Lucy Dacus covers ‘Believe’ & reworks ‘Partner in Crime’ for Spotify Singles

Fresh off her performance at Pitchfork Music Festival, Dacus unveils her contribution to the Spotify Singles series: a reworked studio rendition of Home Video standout ‘Partner in Crime’ and a cover of Cher’s ‘Believe’, a “huge, expansive, beautiful, heart-pumping, excitement-inducing song,” says Dacus, and “iconic for its use of auto-tune.” 

Despite this distinct use of auto-tune in both ‘Believe’ and the original ‘Partner in Crime’, Dacus’ new versions remove the auto-tune and scale back the production, bringing each songwriter’s prowess to the forefront.

“I feel like some of my favourite lyrics that I’ve written are in ‘Partner in Crime’ and maybe they aren’t as noticeable because the effect takes you out of it a little bit,” Dacus says. “So, I just wanted to strip it bare and showcase the song for what it is without any tricky production move. ‘Partner in Crime’ was partially inspired by ‘Believe’,so I thought it’d be nice to pair them together.”

Stream Lucy Dacus’ Spotify Singles ‘Believe’ & ‘Partner in Crime’:

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