Lucy Dacus releases new album Home Video

Lucy Dacus‘ third album Home Video is out now via Matador / Remote Control. Earlier this week she performed newest single ‘Brando’ on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Watch the performance below.

Dacus’ flair for storytelling is vibrant in ‘Brando’, and the Old Hollywood references she weaves throughout come to life in her endearing Kimmel performance. Filmed at the Theatre Gym at the Virginia Repertory Theatre, two dancers/choreographers, Egbert Vongmalaithong and Christina Leoni-Osion, twirl behind Dacus as she and her band perform; the scene transforms from black & white into a full spectrum of colours. This is Dacus’ second late-night appearance for Home Video, following The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

The follow-up to 2018’s Historian, Home Video is a gorgeous example of the transformative power of vulnerability built on Dacus’ interrogation of her formative years growing up in Richmond, Virginia. Many of the very detailed and intimate songs comprising Home Video start the way a memoir might and all of them have the compassion, humour, and honesty of the best autobiographical writing. They capture that specific moment in time growing up where emotions and relationships start becoming more complex — the joys, the excitement, the confusion, and even the heartbreak of going through the process of discovering who you are and where people fit in your life and where you fit in theirs.

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