Magnetic Heads release ‘Time Of Your Life’

In 2020, Sydney band Magnetic Heads released their first new music after a lengthy hiatus. ‘The Street‘ was a glorious taste of their return to the recording studio, where singer/songwriter Des Miller and producer/musician Liam Judson (Belles Will Ring, Lewis Goldmark) have created a sublime collection of melancholic pop songs that navigate both the dance-floor and existential concerns with heady emotion and lush drama.

The new single ,’Time of Your Life‘ sees Miller in an inquisitive, plaintive mood, sitting at home alone as inertia creeps, watching stories of youth suicide on TV. The song is full of arresting visuals and a nagging sense there’s more to be done. “What are you waiting for, your time’s gone a running,” he sings rhetorically, a ping of optimism as he flips the final word of the chorus. ‘Time of Your Life’ charts modern malaise with a glide in its stride: the mid-tempo drums of Tom Kaldor and bass from William Miller keep the boat from sinking as Des works through a knotted stomach, eventually releasing the tension with falsetto, a dash of spoken word, a breakdown (both musical and spiritual) then one final hurrah as the synths, backing vocals and guitars coalesce neatly.

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