Meet Asha Imuno

California-born, LA-based, producer and rapper Asha Imuno  debuts his new single ‘Big Words’ from his forthcoming album via b4.

On the new song, he states: “When I first started recording I was a couple months away from graduation, staying in my pops’ empty apartment and moving real recklessly. I realised it was time to switch my life up — this song became my way of saying that against all odds, I’m making progress.” ‘Big Words’ follows Imuno’s self-released debut album, ‘Full Disclosure’, which Complex praised as, “a true exhibition of being young and free.”

At the age of 19, Imuno has already lived multiple musical lives. He picked up trombone and piano as a child, later joining jazz and marching bands, whilst learning digital composition. By high school, he had original music demos under his belt. The last component for Imuno, as an artist, was finding his voice. “I hadn’t really sung since I was six years old,” says Imuno, of picking up the microphone again in high school to sing and rap. “My family has always been really musical, and my grandmother was a pianist in various San Diego churches. My mom led the choir, and my dad can sing opera.

Beyond his music upbringing, living and creating with the multimedia collective Raised By The Internet has stimulated his desire to produce and engineer the majority of his music, often from his bedroom. Watch out for his second album, forthcoming on b4.

Stream ‘Big Words’ now. 

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