Memphis LK signs to Dot Dash + new single ‘Roses’

Memphis LK grows tall with the release of her fresh single ‘Roses’. Spirited bass-pop that blooms from a bed of dystopian electro, the new single reveals a further metamorphosis for the self-sufficient songwriter and producer since her introduction with ‘Speak Honestly’. Her newly cherished creative independence has been a journey of renewal and rebirth. Memphis looks back on the cathartic process as “clearing things that don’t serve you anymore, so you can step into the new phase – the best version of yourself”.

An empowering antidote to Australia’s prevalent tall poppy syndrome, ‘Roses’ optimistically imagines a world where we share and celebrate each other’s successes rather than drag one and another down. “We’d all just grow so much taller and brighter and stronger and shinier together,” Memphis adds. Its video, directed by her sister Maddy Kelly and Bryce Padovan, unapologetically mirrors all of her loud, bold and extreme versions. Check it out below.

Stream or purchase ‘Roses’ at

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