Mess Esque release self-titled album & share feature track ‘Wake up to yesterday’

Today, bewitching new duo Mess Esque release their self-titled full-length album alongside feature track ‘Wake up to yesterday‘, via Milk! Records / Remote Control Records.

Featuring music and instruments by Mick Turner and words and voice by Helen FranzmannMess Esque coalesce from ripples of guitar and shudders of emotion into the bumps and grooves of songs with biological inevitability. Mick Turner’s aquatic guitar moods are met where they live and breathe by the vocals and dream imagery of Helen Franzmann aka McKisko, causing nights, moons, low tides and empty landscapes to simmer with raw passion.

Helen and Mick share about ‘Wake up to Yesterday‘: “The cyclical nature of life in lockdown, blurred edges of the days, turning inward, the facing of truths. We tried to keep the momentum of the accompaniment in the vocal part.”

Purchase / Download Mess Esque – Mess Esque

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