Milk on Milk compilation out now

Milk on Milk a compilation of the Milk! Records roster is out now – Tiny Ruins, courtney barnett, Hachiku, Jen Cloher, The Finks, jade imagine, Evelyn Ida Morris, East Brunswick All Girls Choir and Loose Tooth – covering each other’s songs.

Most of Milk On Milk was recorded earlier this year over a four day period by producer & Milk! friend Anna Laverty at Audrey Studios just around the corner from Milk! HQ in Coburg, Melbourne. Some of the Milk! roster share their thoughts on the recording, cover versions and each other in their own words.

Listen to the compilation here. Catch the family at the Christmas party on 22 Dec!

On cover versions:

“Covering one of your friends’ songs is like introducing your family to the family of someone you love. You want them to get along but you know that they lead their own lives and have their own histories and differences, which is part of what makes your loved one interesting in the first place.” Oliver Mestitz – The Finks

“I like playing covers because even though the words aren’t yours to begin with, you incorporate them and their meaning into your being.  After singing them 34 times it almost feels like the thoughts, experiences and original insights were yours from the start. Like when someone tells you a funny thing that happened to them and you find yourself telling that story to someone else like it had happened to you.” Anika Ostendorf – Hachiku

“It wasn’t until I started to learn the song that its intricacies and complexities became apparent. This is why I love covering songs, you get an insight into the mind of the songwriter.” Jen Cloher


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