Mourn share new single ‘Stay There’

Barcelona trio, MOURN, share their fourth single ‘Stay There‘ off their forthcoming album, Self Worth, out October 30 via Captured Tracks. On Self Worth, MOURN is leaving behind abusive ties and externalizing the interior noise, ‘Stay There’ sticks to that empowered spirit. Its fury does not overshadow the vocal arrangements as Jazz sings “No matter what I said/ I’m the form you don’t respect.”

MOURN on ‘Stay There’ – “Stay There” is a song about ending an abusive relationship and the feeling of freedom afterwards. Of course there’s always sequels, but we’re keeping the distance, telling them to stay there where they are and don’t come bother us anymore. And also this song is about healing from that, even though it doesn’t explicitly say that in the lyrics, this song served us to do so, to get all the negative and bitter feelings out of us.”

Listen to ‘Self Worth’ here.

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