New music from Andrea Valle, Becca Mancari, Plants and Animals, JARV IS…

b4 signing Andrea Valle drops ‘Wild.’ A glistening club party as the track’s sensual NickyDavey-production pulsates in the background. Check out the 3D-rendered Valle as ultra-cool club girl in a tropical paradise.


Becca Mancari releases her third single ‘Lonely Boy‘ off her forthcoming album, The Greatest Part, out June 26 via Captured Tracks, her first for the label. Inspired by Becca’s dog, ‘Lonely Boy’ reflects on the ways that fear can hold us back from human connection. The canine-filled, trippy video was animated by Anna Firth. Watch it below.


Meet Plants and Animals. New track ‘Sacrifice‘ out now on Secret City Records. “This is a song about what people are willing to do for feelings of acceptance and quick tastes of happiness,” explains the band. “The goal was to have two contrasting sections pushed up against each other with abrupt transitions between them. First there’s this rhythmic cycle that’s hypnotic and intense, with a vocal line floating through it all dreamy and unanchored. Then, pow, the clouds part and there’s a chorus that’s straight up easy. It’s the clarity of hindsight. Relishing it. And maybe a bit cocky because then we go back to the crazy again. We love playing with tension and release. It comes with its own rush.”

Plants and Animals are an iconic Montreal-based trio that began playing together as kids and emerged on the international scene in 2008 with ‘Parc Avenue’. The band has developed a varied cult following ever since, built on the shoulders of their self-produced records and their intense live shows.


Some new visuals from JARV IS… to see you into your weekend. Save The Whale‘ out now. Beyond the Pale out 17 July.

Some words from Cocker about ‘Save The Whale’“The title popped into my head as I was leaving the cinema after having seen Nick Broomfield’s “Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love” documentary. The “Smooth World, Wrinkly World” section came from a childhood memory of being ill: I would hear the murmuring of a large crowd accompanied by a visual image of a line-drawing (rather like a Patrick Caulfield painting, I’ve since realised) in which all the objects switched rapidly between being smooth & bulbous & then thin & wrinkly. It used to absolutely terrify me. Weirdly enough, Jason (our electronics wizard) said he had a similar childhood experience except he used to see a teapot surrounded by psychedelic outlines of itself. Emma (our violinist & backing vocalist) found herself singing “Smooth World, Wrinkly World” as a lullaby to her 18 month-old daughter the other night. Pass it on.”

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