New music from Mustafa, Låpsley, This Is The Kit, U.S. Girls…

On March 10th, 2020, 23-year-old Muslim poet Mustafa (pictured) released his stunning debut single ‘Stay Alive‘. Mustafa follows the track with a beautiful performance of new song ‘Come Back‘ alongside James Blake. Directed by Nabil, the minimalist performance highlights Mustafa’s elegant, understated songwriting.

Speaking on the meaning behind song and Blake’s hand in it, Mustafa says: “Perpetually grateful for James who helped free me of my own emotional burdens when I was young, to now helping me free these stories of those who’ve passed too young. today marks 2 years without Smoke Dawg. I pray the people you lost come back to you in the form that heals you best, if not a memory, a dream, if not a dream, in their sibling’s eyes, if not that, than in the way you carry yourself“.


Låpsley,  the 23 year old singer, songwriter and producer is delighted to announce that Australia’s Logic1000 has remixed Through Water highlight ‘Womxn.’ Talking about the remix, Logic1000 says:”Before even listening to Låpsley’s ‘Womxn’ I trusted and knew I wanted to be a part of it. Once heard, it made that ‘yes’ definitive. I love all of Låpsley’s output and so it was an absolute honor to work with such a strong track from a wildly talented womxn.”

Meanwhile, Låpsley adds: “I was obsessed with Logic1000’s self titled 2019 EP, so for her to be able to remix Womxn was the icing on the cake. She’s a badass producer and DJ and this remix is a banger.”


This is The Kit – the musical project helmed by UK singer-songwriter Kate Stables – announce their new album Off Off On which will be released by Rough Trade Records on Friday 23 October. This is the fifth album by the band and is the follow up to 2017 critically acclaimed album Moonshine Freeze. Watch the video for first single “This Is What You Did” now.

It’s a bit of a panic attack song. The negative voices of other people that are you’re own voice. Or are they? Hard to say when you’re in this kind of a place. How to get out of this place? Needing to get outside more. Cosmically topical what with these recent days of inside all the time. Knowing the things, you should do because they’re good for you and make you feel better but for some reason you still stay inside and fester in your own self-doubt and regret and self-loathing. Fun times! We all get into negative mind loops sometimes. Especially when you’re not getting the fresh air and outside time you need to stay healthy.”


U.S. Girls’ standout single ‘Overtime’ takes on new life as an infinitely danceable remix by Holy Ghost’s Alex Frankel. Frankel took on the tricky task of remixing the original tracks, which were all recorded live in-studio with 20 session musicians – including vocalist James Baley and E Street Band saxophonist Jake Clemons – in Montreal’s acclaimed Hotel 2 Tango studio. ‘Overtime’ is off Heavy Light, the seventh album by U.S. Girls, aka the protean musical enterprise of multi-disciplinary artist Meg Remy, out now via 4AD.

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