Out now: Hana Vu – How Many Times Have You Driven By

Eighteen year-old Los Angeles-based artist Hana Vu today releases her debut EP How Many Times Have You Driven By. The EP is warm, sparse, smooth and whisper-intimate; showcasing Vu as an exciting and genre-straddling songwriter.

Written and produced by Vu herself, and mastered by Clay Jones, How Many Times Have You Driven By displays an extraordinary maturity and originality. With rocking post-punk ballads such as ‘Shallow’, and super silky and infectious anthems like ‘Crying on the Subway’ + ‘Cool ft. Satchy’, Vu retains her knack for effortless and heady melody throughout.

Clamouring for creative outlets from an early age, Vu formed musical projects and played shows, though without fully clicking with her teen peers in the local D.I.Y. brat-pack. “I wouldn’t call myself a curmudgeon, but I found it hard to be friends with other young people. Instead, I found two or three key homies, then just did my own thing— socially and in my music”— partly explaining the ambition and ambiance of this first official release.

Solitude, for all its occasional pangs, is for Hana Vu as much a condition of her independence, a little breathing room from the throng to forge her own certain future in music. As she’ll tell you, with poise and fairly pleased with things so far, “I spend most of my time alone.”

Stream / purchase How Many Times Have You Driven By here.

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