HANDSOME releases new EP BLAME

Known for making anthemic electronic pop songs that celebrate gender fluidity and embrace the beauty in androgyny, Sydney-based multidisciplinary artist HANDSOME releases her new EP BLAME. Alongside it’s release comes HANDSOME’s self-directed short film of the same name. Watch below!

At its deepest root, BLAME dissects the impact society’s shame can have on an individual and the domino effect of deep loneliness it leaves behind. Celebrating butch/masc culture, the film looks closely at the power of camaraderie and attempts to dismantle the generational gaps between queer understanding.

Speaking of the single HANDSOME shares “Back To My Vice’ was the first song that ever understood me before I did. Towards the end of 2019 I had a time in a throuple, which saw three partners constantly clawing for equal feelings being offered and received. Non-monogamy was something I had never experienced before, and this song explores the darker sides of love. Subconsciously, I wrote the lyrics to this song before I realised where I had landed through the circumstances. This song carries a deep sadness and in many ways feels like a song of farewell to me. Questioning everything I thought was concrete, and watching everything slowly fall apart.

Listen / purchase Blame here.

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