Out Now – Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker ‘Overnight’

Josienne Clarke & Ben Walker have released their new album Overnight, out now via Rough Trade / Remote Control.

Of the record, Clarke explains her exploration of the evocative but elusive nature of memory.

“I’ve always been fascinated that within a moment you can be transported backwards in time by a sight, sound or smell. It is fleeting and bittersweet that you never know when these glimpses of the past may leave you forever”

Overnight is their most ambitious record to date, focusing on Clarke’s extraordinary voice and lyrics, and Walker’s prodigious guitar-playing and arranging; the album features panoramic orchestration by an eclectic core of acclaimed musicians, including strings, horns, piano, double bass, and drums. The twelve songs – ten originals and two covers – recorded almost entirely live at Rockfield Studios in Wales – serve as a snapshot of the endless cycle of night into day and back again, morning light, into dusk, into black midnight, into greying dawn, and on, and on.

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