Out Now: Juan Wauters – Introducing Juan Pablo…

Juan Wauters returns with Introducing Juan Pabloout now via Captured Tracks. Travel has always left a mark on Juan’s music. While his previous album, with its folkloric airs and Latin roots, made that clear, this is an album which at its core is an internal journey. Wauters explores his two worlds, his two languages, and his day-to-day life in his NYC neighbourhood, and his life as an artist.

At first, I wanted to show another musical face for this series of records. For me, Juan Pablo is part of a more personal search. And that has to do with migration: when you move to the United States, the second name ceases to exist. Since I moved here, I’m just Juan. But in Uruguay I’m Juan Pablo Wauters. I felt it was significant to retake my middle name.”

Stream the album here.


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