Out Now: Kedr Livanskiy – K-Notes EP

Kedr Livanskiy has released her new EP, K-Notes. It’s an expert fusion of drum and bass, trance, and alt-pop anchored by Kedrina’s signature crystalline vocals. K-Notes feels at once nostalgic and remarkably current: Livanskiy filters today’s UK revivalism through her own unique lens, shaped by her upbringing in the underground music scene and her personal love of early electronic and alternative music. 

The EP comes alongside her self-directed, Twin Peaks inspired video for its title track, ‘K-Notes’. Livanskiy explains, “This story is about two sides of a person – the main character on the road (the light side) and the character in the black wig (the dark side). The dark side constantly wants to trap and destroy (self-destruction), but the hero eventually refuses the path of self-destruction and leaves to look for their bright path.”

Stream / Download K-Notes EP here.

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