Out now: Mount Monda – A Dream in Slow Motion EP

Mount Monda release their debut EP, A Dream in Slow Motion. Mount Monda has always lain in wait. Matt Walters can see it from his house, quietly looming though the Victorian mist. One morning two years ago, he started running up that hill and back down again.

The metaphor isn’t lost on him. For six years, Walter turned his back on music. He left behind his major label and world tours without regret. But if you’re a lapsed songwriter during the empty space of the pandemic, songs will call you to action.

Sound engineer Luke Postil – producer of Matt’s first EP – also felt the weight of the pandemic. Instead of giving into the fear of his halted events business, Luke saw the opportunity to do exactly what he wanted. They hadn’t seen each other since recording, so a chance meeting at the foot of the mountain seemed a bit like cosmic conspiracy.

“All my favourite records were made at home. I decided to make something that I loved.”  Luke says, so together they dusted off Matt’s home recording gear. 

We would show up and just start recording. No songs, no real structure. As the songs formed, I realised that we had that thing that I love about records: spirit and spontaneity.” Matt adds. “That feeling has an impact on a record.  On past records I was counting down the moments till I could get out of the studio. This time, I just wanted to keep going.”

“This music; this collaboration with Luke feels like the beginning of a new chapter. It’s nice to know that we’re just getting started.”

Stream / purchase A Dream in Slow Motion here.

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