Out now: Overmono – Arla III

The third & final EP in Overmono’s acclaimed Arla series, Arla III, is out now! Overmono have also shared a new video for ‘Phase Magenta’, watch it below!

Arla III finds Ed & Tom Russell’s Overmono project again reinvigorating & reshaping rave culture, through a deep personal affection for UK electronic music’s past acting as fuel for the inexorable forward momentum of their music.

Over the series’ 14 tracks, they have blended & distorted the entire wide-ranging spectrum of the UK dance music genres they love into what has quickly become a definable sound. This has drawn admiration and plaudits in a live setting.

The Arla series has also maintained a consistent visual aesthetic, with Rachael Bungey’s artwork, designed to work as a singular piece, complimenting the Arla III video work of Weirdcore.

Stream / purchase Arla IIIhttps://remotecontrol.lnk.to/ArlaIII

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