Out now – Powell ‘Sport’

Powell’s debut album Sport is out today via XL Recordings / Remote Control. It’s 14 tracks of difficult to categorise music, that draws on the spirit of punk.

1. Because it samples punk; using its sonics in a modern way.
2. Because it embraces the spirit and attitude of railing against everything else – big festival circuits, dry social media profiles and ‘music that people will like’.

However, Sport is not mindlessly aggressive.

Sport isn’t about football and athletics. It’s because Sport is a powerful word that means a lot to a lot of people, it inspires a range of emotions, it inspires devotion.

Powell says “Living this life as an artist can feel very much like being trapped inside a giant game — there are ups and downs, you’re fighting, training, preparing, performing. So this is definitely a game to me. I’m not playing ‘the game’, but I am playing a game. This is sport.”

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