Out Now: Spoon – Lucifer on the Moon

Lucifer on the Moon is the anti-gravity companion to Spoon’sLucifer on the Sofa. It’s a full-on reimagination of the Austin band’s tenth album created by On-U Sound founder and UK dub icon, Adrian Sherwood.

Lucifer on the Moon flips Lucifer on the Sofa’s rhythm tracks inside-out, and often rebuilds them wholesale. Sherwood supplied extensive additional instrumentation via On-U’s extended family of session players, including bassist Doug Wimbish and drummer Keith LeBlanc (both of whom performed in Sugarhill Records’ early ’80s in-house rhythm section).

He dug deep into the album’s multi-tracks, surfacing forgotten details and elements not present in the final album mixes. The result airlifts Spoon’s trademark melodies into lush alien terrain, replete with vibrant echo and rumbling low-end.

Stream / Purchase Lucifer on the Moon here

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