Out now: TATYANA – Treat Me Right

London based electro-pop artist and harpist, TATYANA has released her highly-anticipated debut album, Treat Me Right via SinderlynThe ten-track album features recent acclaimed singles Between The Lines’ – picked as Radio 1’s ‘Next Big Wave’ and which called The Forty Five to ask “is electro-harp pop our new fave genre? Quite possibly” and the irresistible Kiss Me Right Now’
Over ten tracks on Treat Me Right, TATYANA manages to achieve pop excellence, combined with the twinkling, unrivalled sounds of a harp and production by dream collaborator, Joseph Mount (Metronomy). Speaking about the album, TATYANA says “’Treat Me Right’, the title of the album, encapsulates so much about the themes on the record- it’s sweet-toothed, made with a wink, tongue in cheek, brimming with innuendoes. I wanted to examine romance at its critical early stage – the beginning – where it’s all escapism, projection and dreams. I lived this record, and I’m very happy to have captured the giddiness of new love and desire in one place. It’s a place I can always return to – and be reminded of the magic in those first encounters with matters of the heart.”

From the sophisticated arrangements that underpin her catchiest hooks to the clever use of double entendre that turns a classic crush song on its head, Tatyana’s music rests on the interplay between technical mastery and fun-loving charm. It’s an inimitable quality borne of eclectic experience, like a childhood steeped in classical Russian piano and a clandestine ABBA obsession. And while Treat Me Right may be a study in infatuation and relationships, it’s Tatyana herself who emerges most clearly, peering through love as a lens into the universal. 

Listen / Purchase Treat Me Right here.

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